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Mission Statement

The Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ Foundation) 

  • supports survivors of National Socialist persecution and strengthens the commitment of their descendants,
  • acts together with young people for living remembrance of the fates of the persecuted, 
  • initiates contemporary education for a critical examination of National Socialism as well as its aftermath,
  • campaigns for equal dignity and equal rights for all people and against antisemitism, anti-gypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination,
  • enables effective action by self-organizations and is a strategic partner and supporter of civil society. 


Against the background of its founding history, the EVZ Foundation is particularly active in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Germany.

Agenda for the Future

At the beginning of its third decade of activity, the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) is confronted with special social developments. Targeted historical and political disinformation, the increase in xenophobic attacks online and offline, and the decline in historical factual knowledge about the history of National Socialism directly affect our founding mission – with new intensity and in a new guise. Through its strategic reconfiguration, the Foundation is positioning itself as more capable of action and more effective in light of these challenges. The potential of digital transformation and forward-looking approaches and alliances with partner organizations for the Foundation’s fields of work mark the departure.

In conjunction with further funding from the Federal Ministry of Finance for a new project “Educational Agenda on NS Injustice” (from 2021) and from the Federal Foreign Office for the programs YOUNG PEOPLE remember, (2020–2022) and Meet Up+ (2021–2023), the EVZ Foundation not only focuses and deepens its own funding program but also achieves a greater reach of the Foundation’s work through its holistic integration into the funding architecture for historical-political education on NS injustice.

After one year of intensive exchange with the international Board of Trustees, around 150 experts from the Foundation’s fields of activity and target regions, and an external analysis of the perspectives and expectations of various stakeholders, we are now presenting our agenda for the future and getting down to work. With this in mind, stay connected, join us in our work and get involved together with us. 

You want to learn more? Read our Agenda for the Future (pdf-document; ger/en/russ)

In this sense, stay in touch, work and get involved together with us.

Dr. Andrea Despot & Dr. Petra Follmar-Otto, Board of Directors

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